Just For Fun!, Super Natural

How to Kill a Witch

"A surefire way to kill at witch, and another oldie, is to burn it at the stake"

Just For Fun!

How to Kill Yourself

"your coworker, Chad walks by with a steaming Styrofoam cup and a disturbingly perfect smile of triumph"

Around the House

How to Kill a Comput...

"you've not only learned how to kill a computer virus but you have also saved a lot of money by doing it yourself."

Around the House, Lawn and Garden

How to Kill A Tree S...

"You finally made the difficult decision to cut down the old family maple."

Around the House, Health

How to Kill Black Mold

"Black mold can make your home look ugly and feel gross."


How to Kill Ringworm

"Wiggling little worms crawling around under the skin, right? Well, actually no."

Bugs, Lawn and Garden

How to Kill Carpente...

"What a waste of delicious wood!"

Animals, Just For Fun!

How to Kill an Elephant

"When it comes to killing elephants there is only one true expert. Bob Parsons."


How to Kill Stink Bugs

"It would be a good idea to keep a bat around the house, but bats aren’t exactly known for being very good creatures to have"

Lawn and Garden

How to Kill Dandelions

" But tastes change and houses made of dirt are no longer as popular as they once were, leaving the poor dandelion no place to go but your lawn."

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